Port Marine Safety Code

Londonderry Port & Harbour Commissioners as the Competent Harbour Authority and duty holder under the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) recognise a responsibility to publicly report on PMCS performance. The main requirements of the Code are to carry out risk assessments for marine operations, implement a safety management system, employ properly qualified marine personnel and ensure that sufficient powers and resources are provided to manage marine operations safely.

Internal compliance audits are carried out on an annual basis on the Port’s Safety Management System to ensure that the standards as detailed in the PMSC and associated guide to good practice are met. External independent audits are carried out every three years and the results of the audits are reported by the designated person to the Safety Committee and the Board of Commissioners.

Enforcement Policy
Integrated management system policy statement
Marine policy statement
Navigation policy statement
Port marine Safety Plan 2018
Statement of Compliance


We are committed to the prevention of pollution and are dedicated to creating a cleaner, safer environment for everyone. To ensure we meet these obligations the Port maintains the internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard, which is externally validated on a twice yearly basis. We are continually striving to reduce our environmental impact and have made considerable improvements lessening the effects of fugitive emissions from the cargo handling process. 

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