Vessel Hosanger accompanied by Tugs Culmore and Shrove

Towage Regulations

Foyle Port offers a full in house towage service to all vessels that are subject to towage within the port limits. Towage is conducted in accordance with the following regulations:

All vessels proceeding to or sailing from berths upstream of Faughan Light are required to use one Harbour Tug if they have:-

A draught of 6.7 metres or over
An overall length of 120 metres or over unless fitted with a fully operational bow thruster
If fitted with fully operational bow thrusters or twin screws an overall length of 130 metres or over
If the vessel has a fully operational bow thruster fitted along with a stern thruster, twin screws or a Becker rudder, an overall length of 140 metres or over
All towage will be subject to U.K. Standard Conditions for Towage and other services (Revised 1986)
Vessels requiring two tugs must have a combined bollard pull of at least 70 tonnes
Tugs made fast to the stern of a vessel shall be ASD or equivalent

* All vessels over 16,000 DWT will require two tugs for berthing and one tug for sailing.
* All vessels should maintain a safe speed whilst under tow as per the Towage Operations (Code of Practice)

Tankers will be required to meet the following Tug Requirements:

All vessels berthing at LSS Oil Terminal or ESB Coolkeeragh are required to use two tugs if they have: -

A Draught of 6.7 metres or more
An overall length of 150 metres
Over 16,000 DWT

All vessels sailing from LSS Oil Terminal are required to use two Tugs if they are: -

Unable to swing on arrival due to the prevailing conditions at the time.
An overall length of 150 metres

* Maximum Draught for swinging 7.5m
*Tug(s) will meet an inward bound vessel at Moville Bay and escort it to the berth. Outward bound vessels will be escorted to the instructions of the Pilot and Master but should remain in attendance until clear of the Coolkeeragh Oil jetty.

The Harbour Authority reserves the right to amend these requirements at any time depending upon the prevailing conditions.

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